Our Value Proposition

Aztech Controls is a leader supporting customers and their projects globally.  Our suite of services combine a unique array of engineering & design, low cost manufacturing and inventory support.  This unique solution makes Aztech a value oriented choice for your projects.  Our 30+ years of industry experience coupled with creative solutions allows Aztech to manage the lifecycle of your project and products.  Aztech is an excellent choice for your contract manufacturing, integrated systems and manufacturing needs.

Our Business Orientation

Aztech Controls has 30 years of experience in process controls that meet the stringent requirements of the semiconductor, mining, waste water, power plants and the general industrial industries. The primary goal for Aztech Controls is to offer a bold new and holistic look at our client’s toughest challenges, whether it be technical, cost based or market channel based.  We understand the need for truly innovative thinking when approaching any project and that our business is too fast paced and competitive to not understand market needs and how we can fit.

As our industry evolves Aztech Controls will drive change and lead with our cost effective, smart solutions with an awareness of the need for speed to market on a global basis. Aztech Controls is positioned to be an integral partner to your company’s future success in meeting today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.