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Aztech Controls has 26 successful years of operation as a distributor and representative of process control products that meet the stringent requirements of the semiconductor industry, mining, waste water and power.

Engineered Solutions

Aztech Engineered solutions is the culmination of Aztech Controls’ expertise in gas and chemical controls and handling coupled with their extensive product portfolio of high quality industrial controls, instrumentation and containment products. Aztech has been able to help our clients with products ranging from chemical and gas valve isolation boxes to distribution and mixing systems. Our experienced team will create a solution that is reliable, state of the art and competitively priced.

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Our focus is the micro-contamination control of your critical environments. We manufacture critical use wipes that meet the most stringent needs in critical cleaning applications. We have developed innovative substrate cleaning methods which improve results, while reducing natural resource consumption, providing earth friendly products. These products include TekniZorb nonwoven wipes, TekniClean polyester knit and microfiber wipes, and TekniSat pre-saturated wipes.



Industries Served

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