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Aztech provides critical service piping products through a variety of transaction methods to both semiconductor device manufacturer (End User) and semiconductor equipment manufacturing (OEM) customers and focuses on providing products designed and manufactured specifically to meet and exceed the industry’s demand for; Purity, Safety and Speed . MOORE’S LAW, which was the outcome of an observation made in 1965 by Dr. Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel. The number of transistors per square inch (data density) on an integrated circuit had doubled every year since the circuit’s invention. From this observation, Moore predicted that the doubling trend would continue into the foreseeable future. While this pace has slowed over the last 40 years, data density has continued to double every ~18 months, with this pace being expected to continue for several more decades. Aztech continues to be an innovator in the onsite / offsite process of; product selection, inventory control management and project management by specializing in the logistics required to get the correct products to the work place in spec., on budget and on time.

Aztech’s involvement in the semiconductor industry spans a decade and a half during which many, many technical innovations have been designed and implemented to help further the development and manufacture of smaller and faster semiconductor devices. Aztech’s commitment to the industry continues to shine in the number of product innovations the company has brought forth through an adept ability to crystallize customer needs with manufacturing principal’s capabilities.

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