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As mining practices have evolved in the last decade the use of chemicals as the catalyst to separate ore from earth have become more prolific. Solvent Extraction – ElectroWinning (SX-EW) is one such process that utilizes critical fluids to extract desired elements before recapture and re-use. This process change has provided a new demand within the mining industry for the control and handling of extraction fluids. Aztech’s expertise in fluid handling and control coupled with their diverse component selection; valves, pumps, fittings, instruments and piping can streamline your product specification and procurement process.

The company began serving the mining industry in 1988 through the acquisition of FRC Industrial and has more recently expanded capabilities with the acquisition of Tempe Industrial Supply, a 20 year provider of critical service products. Aztech continues to be an innovator in the onsite / offsite process of; product selection, inventory control management and project management by specializing in the knowledge and logistics required to get the correct products to the project site in spec., on budget and on time.

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