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Food & Beverage

Micro-contamination issues shift to micro-biological contamination concerns in the commercial production of food(s) essential to our health and well being. Aztech facilitates the ability to address these concerns through a pervasive offering of critical service piping products.

FOOD is anything which nourishes the body. From fifteen to twenty elements enter into the composition of the body, of which the following thirteen are considered: oxygen, 62.5% carbon, 21.5 % hydrogen, 10%; nitrogen, 3%; calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, iron, and fluorine the remaining 3%.

Food is necessary for growth, repair, and energy; therefore the elements composing the body must be found in the food. The thirteen elements named are formed into chemical compounds by the vegetable and animal kingdoms to support the highest order of being, man. All food must undergo chemical change after being taken into the body, before it can be utilized by the body; this is the office of the digestive system. – Fannie Farmer’s “The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book”

Aztech is an innovator in the onsite / offsite process of; engineered product selection, inventory control management and project management by specializing in the knowledge and logistics required to get the correct products to the project site in spec., on budget and on time.

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